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Clayton Segelov, Head Engineer. 











Clayton is an ARIA nominated Producer who has produced, engineered and mixed albums in many genres, gaining regular JJJ Airplay, JJJ Unearthed No1's, iTunes No1's and iTunes Single of the week. Recent Clients include Shady Nasty, Justice for the Damned, Life's Ill, Corpus, Underminer, Staunch, Antagonist A.D., Endless Heights, The Crooked Fiddle Band, Ultracrush, Vilify, Dear Seattle, Columbus, Alienist, Hoon and many more. Read more about Clayton here

"I work with Indie (in all its forms) and Hardcore artists to create emotionally engaging records that highlight their vision with clear and punchy, radio (streaming) ready productions.


A lot of artists have great songs and production ideas, but fall short on the know how of recording and mixing high quality releases that truly resonate.


I've made it my life's mission to help these artists create work that sets them above the other releases in their genres and grow loyal fanbases."

Angie Watson, Engineer


Angie is the house engineer at The Brain Studios and has worked with artists including Mila Nile, The Violet Whispers, Everleigh, Oxford Poet, Ultracrush, Before the King, Whatever Forever, Alienist as well as assisted on various projects with bands such as The Crooked Fiddle Band, Shady Nasty, Hoon, Lifes Ill, Vilify, Cosmic Flanders, Idle Threat, FLTRS, Spruced Moose and This Time Only and many more. 

"I work with Indie, alt, pop, and hardcore artists that want to turn the music they've worked hard on writing and creating into the best sounding records possible.

These days, artists want a great sounding record but are often stuck recording it themselves in less than ideal environments, like bedrooms and rehearsal rooms.

It's my goal to offer these artists world-class recordings in a professional studio environment."

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