Q. How much will it cost to complete my project?
A. This depends on what you want to achieve and your schedule. We offer a wide variety of packages with suggested time frames designed to help you achieve what you want without going over budget. Additional days can be added to these packages as needed. Please contact us on 0419 617 383 or for advice on which package is right for you, or simply fill out the form on our contact page.

Q. Where is the studio located?
A. We are located at 59, Applebee St., St. Peters, Sydney – minutes walk from St. Peters Railway Station or an easy drive from virtually anywhere in greater Sydney.

Q. Where can I park?
A. We have free street parking, with plenty of spots in the surrounding streets.

Q. Can I bring my own engineer for my sessions?
A. Yes, you most certainly can. We offer a competitive ‘Dry Hire’ rate for studio time without the need for one of our house engineers. Refer to our ‘Rates’ page for details.

Q. Can we all play live in the studio?
A. Yes! Our Studio 1 live space can comfortably accommodate live tracking of a full band, with amplifiers and other elements either in the room together or isolated in their own separate acoustic spaces.

Q. Do you offer mastering?
A. Yes we do. Our in-house mastering service is high quality and cost effective way to have your project ready for pressing the moment you walk out of the studio! If you would like to take your tracks to be mastered elsewhere, we can recommend a mastering house to fit your project.


Q. Can we come in early, or the night before to set up?
A. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to our extended hours of operation, we tend to have something going on in our studios at any given time, so prior setup time outside of booked session hours is not possible. Rest assured that our staff will be busy setting up your gear from the moment your session begins!


Q. How long will it take to record my album?
A. Just like with budget, a recording time-frame is not an exact science. We provide packages that are estimated time frames for EP’s and Albums based on the number of songs. Extra time can be added to these packages if needed. If you feel that the desired result for your project can be achieved in less time than a certain package, we offer a very reasonable per-day rate. We can also tailor one of our existing packages to suit your needs. Packages and further details may be found on our ‘Rates’ page.


Q. Can we visit or take a tour of the studio?
A. Certainly! We welcome any prospective clients to come and check out our facility and discuss your next project in person. Contact us on 0419 617 383 or email to arrange a visit.

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