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We understand that in an oversaturated market, you'll need an exceptional release that stands out.

Not only do we listen to your specific goals, we'll keep everyone on track to achieve these goals by carefully managing the project for you!

We understand the frustrations and hurdles that can come with recording and we promise to listen to, and address, any concerns you may have with your project.

Everybody's projects are unique! Which is why we will create a custom strategy for you, provide guidance where needed and give honest feedback throughout the process.

Your music is as important to us as it is to you and we are dedicated to providing an awesome experience on top of delivering a world class result.




"Recording at the Brain is something we genuinely look forward to so much. Clay and his entire team are super easy to work with, extremely patient and make us feel at home in the studio. Their efficiency and team work makes the recording process cruisy and we never have felt stressed in the studio, and we can trust them with our music completely."


"From the moment you walk through the metal grate at The Brain Studios you feel like you're at home. 

This mixed with the professional no bullshit attitude held by the Brain team when it comes to the recording means that you will get the best sounding music you are prepared to give.

That's why we came here the first time and why we're going to keep coming back. 



"Clay is a master at his craft. He and his team are dedicated to delivering the best quality product every time. Will be back in the near future to do it all again. If that doesn't say, "highly recommend," then I don't know what does."


“Antagonist AD worked with Clayton and The Brain Studios while recording our last full length album, 'Haunt Me As I Roam'. Clayton was excellent to work with, was happy to accommodate our bizarre requests, and even traveled interstate to complete the majority of the tracking process. We felt like Clayton understood our vision for the album right from the outset, and had some great creative suggestions along the way to help us put together all the pieces of the puzzle.”


"Father Deer Hands recorded our first single “No Happy Endings” at The Brain with Clay.

We wanted an engineer that not only had an impressive back catalogue, but someone who could push us all as musicians.

Clay has this crazy ability to see the potential in a musician and focus in on what their strengths are; getting the best possible sound out of each band member.

We are all very excited to get back there and do our album."


“The team at Brain Studios provided a punctual and professional service for us, communicating closely with the band to help shape our sound and create a tailor made product. Their high quality outboard mastering hardware and professional mixing expertise resulted in a track that was alive with character, that captured our sound perfectly and was immediately ready to be distributed.”


"Awesome team, great facilities. They know their way around many genres and will get you the sound you want. Highly recommend."


"We spent just over 6 days in total at The Brain recording our debut full length with Papa Clay and Young Gun Angie backing him up and it was like a spa day for a band. Super chill environment we never once felt rushed but at the same time, we knew we were in the hands of a consummate professional.

Considering we didn't come in all that prepared aside from a few demos and basic tempo lists for the songs, we knocked out the drums over 2 days and they came out sounding amazing! We came back for 2.5 days guitars and bass followed by some 4 hour sessions over a few weeknights to knock over vocals and the final product speaks for itself. We are over the moon with how it came out and we know Clay is to because the man doesn't rest on his laurels.

Cheers to the family at The Brain! We'd recommend our second home to any of our friends in any genre!”






(02) 9557 1937


59 Applebee St, St. Peters

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